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Why is Juice PLUS+ not sold in shops?

The Juice PLUS+ Virtual Franchise is a hybrid business model, taking the best, and rejecting the worst, of several other ways of doing business. This is a common question, and is best answered in the context of the Direct Sales industry, with which we have much in common. The question is better asked as "Why are products sold by direct sales companies not sold in stores?"

Well first of all, if they were, then the stores would be in direct competition with the direct sales company's. The company that manufactures and owns the product has chosen direct sales as their preferred business model.

Direct Sales companies save significant money that would otherwise be spent on advertising and paying the many 'middle' men' in the distribution channel. This is one reason the manufacturing cost of most traditional retail products is only a tiny percentage of the store price. The difference is not all profit for the manufacturer or the retailer.

Instead of advertising and paying those middle men, Direct Sales companies pay several layers of their field organisation an override, which compensates them for training, support and leadership. This is no different from the way several layers of sales management in traditional corporations are paid commissions on the sales made by their field force.

Many Direct Sales products (or services), like Juice PLUS+, lend themselves to personal recommendation based on personal experience. This is often called "referral marketing" because most sales come from satisfied customers, who either become representatives themselves or refer their friends.

Juice PLUS+ specifically set out in 1970 to "build a stable and lasting company that would help as many people as possible to realise their dreams.“ This mission could not be realised by adopting a traditional retail sales strategy.

How can I tell if my investment in building a direct sales business will be secure?

It’s important to understand that there is very little financial investment involved your chosen business should be home-based with very low start-up costs and ongoing investment. We are talking here about investment of time, energy and your long-term commitment.

This statement says it all about Juice PLUS+: "... when I look at NSA from a strategic standpoint, it has the market; it has the big idea product to meet the market need; it has a unique strategy for getting that product to market; and it has the organizational capacity to do so successfully."

NSA has passed its 20 year anniversary of introducing Juice PLUS+ and has now been in business for 43 years. More importantly it has seen ups and downs and has successfully weathered the storms and come out stronger than ever.

How does the business side to Juice PLUS+ work?

Juice PLUS+ in terms of business is very straight forward. The products are sold through a unique business model called the Juice PLUS+ Virtual Franchise, which employs elements of the traditional franchise business model with multilevel marketing (MLM), and taking aspects of these business models to utilise at their own advantage. Similar to a franchise, the Juice PLUS+ Virtual Franchise offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell established branded products through a market-proven system supported by a corporate office. However, The Juice PLUS+ Virtual Franchise does not include the large franchise fees and other investments required by traditional brick-and-mortar franchise.

Traditional MLM programmes have a primary focus of recruiting people into the business, instead of focusing on marketing the products to the end-consumer – those programmes specifically might be considered an 'MLM business scam'. Unlike MLMs, Juice PLUS+ emphasises sharing a product and creating a movement of people who want wealth and freedom along with the health to enjoy both. Unfortunately more than 90% of Juice PLUS+ product sales are to people who are not actively involved in the Juice PLUS+ business as they cannot grasp MLM and how to run a franchise part time.....until now especially in the UK where franchises are growing faster than ever.

MLM programs typically involve requirements to purchase product inventory in order to sell on and make money. These are also known as Pyramid Schemes. Juice PLUS+ is NOT a pyramid scheme. You do not need to buy bulk products, you use your own for yourself to consume and that is it.

Representatives are not required to purchase any product inventory, because the company works through a mail order system. They ship their products directly to consumers, when orders are placed through a distribution web page. It is that simple

How safe are Juice PLUS+ products?

Since the establishment of Juice PLUS+ in 1993 via the National Safety Associates, their range has risen to become the number one encapsulated nutritional product in the world. Quality and consistency is the NSA’s main concern, as they pride themselves upon safety first and their dedication to maintaining a consistent range of dependable, homogeneous products. Not once since their formation has Juice PLUS+ received a complaint about side effects or any illnesses related to the consumption of Juice Plus+ products. The company ensures use of only the best available ingredients from thoroughly reliable sources, alongside consistently challenging themselves to develop their range to certify to customers that they are buying products that are the best they can be.

Ask as many questions as you can before determining that this opportunity is not for you. Know this, whilst you turn your back on a easy way to make a lot of money, others are jumping at this chance of a life time.



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