Are you...

- Enjoying the healthful benefits of Juice PLUS+ and want to help others realise a healthier lifestyle?

- Looking to earn a few hundred pounds to pay for your summer holiday?

- Interested in creating an extra regular part-time income that fits around a job you love but doesn't pay enough?

- Motivated to climb to the top of the company (which everyone can), still do this part time but be earning in excess of £100,000 a year?

With minimal risk and unlimited opportunity, Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise business opportunity will help you achieve all the above. It allows you to seamlessly grow a business around your life, build a part-time income and make a difference in the lives of others.


Be Independent

“Be Independent” encourages personal ambitions, awakens the hunger for success, makes dreams come true, helps to achieve life goals and supports the pursuit of self determination and personal fulfillment. Independence is a privilege that has to be earned. With determination and ambition, but also with passion and fun.

The Business Model

The Juice PLUS+ business model has a comprehensive array of positions, bonuses and commissions that are available for each and every distributor to achieve. What's great about the Juice PLUS+ promotion ladder is that everyone starts at the bottom, but there is more than enough room for everyone at the top. With Juice PLUS+, regardless of age, money or qualifications everyone starts at the bottom - it's up to you how far you want to climb.!

Commissions, Bonuses & Promotions

Like anything, you're paid on your performance. Essentially, the more Juice PLUS+ that you distribute, and the larger you grow your team, the greater your financial returns will be – commissions and bonuses on your distributions and those of your team.

To be successful in the Juice PLUS+ business, it is important that you grow a team to help you along the way. If you help them to become successful, then you will be successful too.

How to Earn an Extra Income Part-time

Risk Free Investment, No Stock/Delivery Issues

To start off on a part-time basis your investment is minimal - £50. No other start-up costs! Another great aspect of the business model is you don’t need to hold onto any stock. Juice PLUS+, through your Virtual Office, will process your customers orders, take payment and ship direct to the customer. There is absolutely no risk for you.

Start Your Journey to Being healthy and Wealthy - Step by Step

At first we recommend that you buy, try and ultimately share the benefits you feel from Juice PLUS+. Focusing purely on trying to earn quick fire commissions is a sure way to put people off and your network will not grow and is not the Juice PLUS+ way.

The way to progress in this company is by growing your team as wide and as deep as possible. Our main focus is to teach people about the great product, the amazing business and help them to recruit and build their own teams. Help people get what they want from life and you will get what you want.

On average, most UK successful Juice PLUS+ distributors are earning close to £100,000 a year; not including the additional bonuses the company gives for reaching certain sales volume targets.

Together We Achieve More

One of the great aspects of Juice PLUS+ is the business works when your support those who join your team. This is a key approach to how we work with our team. Regional, National and International Events are regularly held where you can learn more about the business, share experiences, hear from guest speakers who are at the top, and bring along others who are interested.

We work closely with our team and provide a wealth of material to help you grow your business - we want you to be successful in health and wealth.

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